Cambodia Visa Fee Increase

Chong-Jum-BorderHeads up, I just came back from doing a visa run and found out that they have increased the visa fee’s in Cambodia.

Tourist visa; was 20$ now 30$

Business visa; was 25$ now 35$

If you pay in Thai Bhat they want 1,500Bt, which is about 47$ rather then 25$ with current exchange rates.  Where I went, Chong Jum / O smach border crossing, they wouldn’t take US$ and insisted on Bhat.

There is also a turn around fee ( if you stay less then 24 hours in Cambodia) of 300 Bhat for an exit stamp.  This fee is a scam and not an official fee, and if you stand your ground and refuse to pay more then likely you don’t have to.  I just pay it so can get out of there quickly.

In Bangkok But Can’t Find Taco Bell?

Fast food in Thailand?

A friend of mine went on his first trip to Thailand and begged me to find him a Taco Bell in Bangkok (guess he got his three basic food groups there on a daily basis back in the states.)

We’ve been talking here a bit about the difference between going to the Philippines and or going to Thailand and I think this is a big one and it’s not really about fast food but more about American cultural influences.  And I’m not saying it’s good or bad just pointing it out.

When you go to the Philippines you will find just about every American fast food chain there is and some you didn’t even know about.  Think that is due to the large American military presence after WWII.  When I go to the Philippines I look forward to getting some of the food that I can’t find here in Thailand, like Taco Bell or Cinnabons, I love those things.  But at times there is so much American cultural and food influence in the PI at times I feel like I’m in a really, I mean really, dirty, America.

Thai fastf ood

This is Thai fast food

Not so much in Thailand, yes there are American fast food chains here but not in the saturation that you find in the Philippines.  In Bangkok you will find a few, and in the main

tourist areas, like Phuket or Pattaya, but the further away you get from these areas the less likely your going to see any American or “western” fast food places.  And you won’t find them set up on their own, just in shopping centers like a tesco.  The selection is also very limited in Thailand, other than Bangkok, there are McDonalds, KFC and Pizza hut at most

shopping malls (Think they’re all owned by the same guy), but seriously that’s about it.

So I had to tell my Friend, sorry there are no Taco Bells in Thailand, but is that a bad thing?  Come to Thailand for the sense of being in a far off exotic new place, being a traveler and going on an adventure, for the beautiful and amazing women but not for the double meat and bean burrito with extra cheese.


From Angkor to Phnom Penh by Bus

I forgot to charge the video cam before heading out on my bus trip but below is a really good video of the trip that I found on Youtube.  Some of the roads have improved, like the part where the two buses are trying to pass each other.  I didn’t see any of that but the rest is spot on still, like the bus rest stop.


If your not concerned about an extra 30$ buy two seats.  The seats are pretty small compared to the VIP buses in Thailand or back home.  And with me being a pretty big guy it would have been a really tough trip scrunched in a tiny seat.  KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FOR THE SECOND SEAT, the bus will stop from time to time and a bus company agent will come on looking for empty seats for more passengers.  I had to show my second ticket two or three times or they would have re sold the empty seat next to me.

Leaving for Cambodia Tomorrow

Cambodia road trip

Going back to Phnom Penh.

in the morning and really looking forward to it, been awhile since I went on a trip.  This trip, I’m making it a bit of an adventure and taking the long and bumpy road down and around to Phnom Penh.  I’m going to start at Osmack where I have arranged for a driver and car to pick me up and head down to Siam Rep.  Even though this is the shortest part of my trip in km it will be the longest in time.  The roads from Osmack to Siam Rep are pretty bad, nothing more then dirt in some places and now being the rainy season, not the best idea, but fuck it you only live once and this sounds like a real adventure.  Once I get to Siam Rep all should be good as there are new paved highways all the way to the PP.  I’m going to spend a few days at Siam Rep to take in the sites again, its low season* for tourist so shouldn’t be that many people around, which is good.  So I’m going to finish packing, I’ll try and make a post or two while I’m on the road, but for sure will make a complete report when i get back, happy trails.

*QUICK NOTE:  Low season for this part of the world is September till late November, rainy season.  If you don’t mind dealing with a few showers this is the time to come, everything is cheaper, hotels, cars, the ladies, almost half the price sometimes.

New Fun Site


Fun new Tube site

Check out this new tube site, it’s not hardcore (yet) or anything but its fun, I spent hours there just looking at the women

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