4am in Phnom Penh

Its 4am in Phnom Penh been out all night, just sent the cutie I was drinking with home in a tuk tuk and I’m freaking starving.  So where do you go at 4am in Phnom Penh to grab something to eat?  Well, one answer is Nagaworld hotel and casino 😉 open all night with free food if your putting a few coin in the slots. Also even though most of their 6 restaurants are closed at 4am they do have a tex mex buffet type place called the NagaRock that’s open 24/7.  Eating Tex Mex in Phnom Penh Cambodia with a Vietnamese girl I picked up while playing slots at 4am in the morning, life is good.

P.s. would have been better if I had won the car that the slots were giving away.

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