From Angkor to Phnom Penh by Bus

I forgot to charge the video cam before heading out on my bus trip but below is a really good video of the trip that I found on Youtube.  Some of the roads have improved, like the part where the two buses are trying to pass each other.  I didn’t see any of that but the rest is spot on still, like the bus rest stop.


If your not concerned about an extra 30$ buy two seats.  The seats are pretty small compared to the VIP buses in Thailand or back home.  And with me being a pretty big guy it would have been a really tough trip scrunched in a tiny seat.  KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FOR THE SECOND SEAT, the bus will stop from time to time and a bus company agent will come on looking for empty seats for more passengers.  I had to show my second ticket two or three times or they would have re sold the empty seat next to me.

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