Be Smart and Pick your Fights

Be smart and pick your fights when traveling in Asia;

Just got done reading a blog about a guy in Phnom Penh Cambodia who is crying about a bar called sharky’s. In the post he is upset about having to pay .75 cents for three games of pool while at the bar and refused to pay. I guess things got a bit heated and there were threats of calling the police etc. etc.

The guy was raking Sharky’s bar and the owner about him scamming them and to avoid Sharky’s. I have to say that I’ve been to Sharky’s many times and have never felt scammed or threatened in any way shape or form. Sharky’s is a really laid back bar with cold beer and decent food. I don’t know of an expat living in Phnom Penh that hasn’t been there and more than a few go there on a regular basis. So Sharky’s is a safe, mellow little bar and I would recommend it to anyone. Which leads me to Men looking for fun and sex in SE Asia tip number 104.

“Know when to stick up for yourself and know when to just walk away.”

As a general rule I would say any fight over .75 cents is something that you would just pay and walk away from, but that’s me. I mean seriously you’re going to get upset and fight over a .75 cent bill, seriously. Listen guys for the most part SE Asia is safe, no more or no less scams than anywhere else in the world where travelers go. I would even say SE Asian is safer than most places. But you still have to be smart and getting into it at a bar, late at night over .75 is not a fight you want to fight. Things here can get out of hand really fast. The thing to always do is be mellow, don’t raise your voice and deal with the situation quietly.

And seriously, no one over here is going to scam you for .75 cents and if you’re worried about that amount of pocket change, need to stay home and get a better job.

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