Cambodia Visa Fee Increase

Chong-Jum-BorderHeads up, I just came back from doing a visa run and found out that they have increased the visa fee’s in Cambodia.

Tourist visa; was 20$ now 30$

Business visa; was 25$ now 35$

If you pay in Thai Bhat they want 1,500Bt, which is about 47$ rather then 25$ with current exchange rates.  Where I went, Chong Jum / O smach border crossing, they wouldn’t take US$ and insisted on Bhat.

There is also a turn around fee ( if you stay less then 24 hours in Cambodia) of 300 Bhat for an exit stamp.  This fee is a scam and not an official fee, and if you stand your ground and refuse to pay more then likely you don’t have to.  I just pay it so can get out of there quickly.

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