Travel Into the Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness bar

in Phnom Penh Cambodia is an icon here like the FCC, two must go places.  When I traveled here last 10 years ago HoD (Heart of Darkness) used to be a hangout for backpackers, ngo idiots and a handful of Khmers out parting.  The bar really kind of sucked, the lighting and AC were terrible, the music sucked and the food wasn’t that good, the only thing it had going for it was the name, I mean who would travel all the way to Phnom Penh and not have a beer in the Heart of Darkness.  I went there again last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had really put some work into the place.  They have moved some things around like pushing the bar back and some new tables to give you more room to move around.  They have also put in new lighting, AC and sound system which makes it much nicer to hang out on those hot Cambodian nights.  They were a lot more Khmer’s hanging out and having drinks and happy to say didn’t see a single backpacker, yea!  Mostly just expats who work here and Khmer.

The lady scene here is ok but you won’t be picking up any Khmer lady’s here, all the ones I saw were all on dates, didn’t see any single local girls just out parting (lots of men here, gay, think that is a growing scene here).  There were a few female ex-pat teachers that I talked to for a bit, nice and all but I’m in Cambodia I want to meet Khmer honnies.  There are also some “working” ladies floating around, mostly older Vietnamese.  Overall a really mellow place to just hang and have a few, or if you’ve had three or four too many shots, grab one of the Viets for a sure sex thing 😉

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