Leaving for Cambodia Tomorrow

Cambodia road trip

Going back to Phnom Penh.

in the morning and really looking forward to it, been awhile since I went on a trip.  This trip, I’m making it a bit of an adventure and taking the long and bumpy road down and around to Phnom Penh.  I’m going to start at Osmack where I have arranged for a driver and car to pick me up and head down to Siam Rep.  Even though this is the shortest part of my trip in km it will be the longest in time.  The roads from Osmack to Siam Rep are pretty bad, nothing more then dirt in some places and now being the rainy season, not the best idea, but fuck it you only live once and this sounds like a real adventure.  Once I get to Siam Rep all should be good as there are new paved highways all the way to the PP.  I’m going to spend a few days at Siam Rep to take in the sites again, its low season* for tourist so shouldn’t be that many people around, which is good.  So I’m going to finish packing, I’ll try and make a post or two while I’m on the road, but for sure will make a complete report when i get back, happy trails.

*QUICK NOTE:  Low season for this part of the world is September till late November, rainy season.  If you don’t mind dealing with a few showers this is the time to come, everything is cheaper, hotels, cars, the ladies, almost half the price sometimes.

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