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In Bangkok But Can’t Find Taco Bell?

Fast food in Thailand? A friend of mine went on his first trip to Thailand and begged me to find him a Taco Bell in Bangkok (guess he got his three basic food groups there on a daily basis back in the states.) We’ve been talking here a bit about the difference between going to […]

Leaving for Cambodia Tomorrow

Cambodia road trip

Going back to Phnom Penh. in the morning and really looking forward to it, been awhile since I went on a trip.  This trip, I’m making it a bit of an adventure and taking the long and bumpy road down and around to Phnom Penh.  I’m going to start at Osmack where I have arranged […]

New Fun Site

Check out this new tube site, it’s not hardcore (yet) or anything but its fun, I spent hours there just looking at the women

Be Smart and Pick your Fights

Be smart and pick your fights when traveling in Asia; Just got done reading a blog about a guy in Phnom Penh Cambodia who is crying about a bar called sharky’s. In the post he is upset about having to pay .75 cents for three games of pool while at the bar and refused to […]

Famous Soapy Full Body Massage

Soapy Full Body Massage Massage in Thailand is a very old and honored tradition with schools teaching traditional methods, we’re not going to be talking about those types of massage.  I’m going to talk about one of most erotic experiences of my life, I’m going to talk about the “full body soapy massage”.  And I’m […]

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