From Angkor to Phnom Penh by Bus

I forgot to charge the video cam before heading out on my bus trip but below is a really good video of the trip that I found on Youtube.  Some of the roads have improved, like the part where the two buses are trying to pass each other.  I didn’t see any of that but the rest is spot on still, like the bus rest stop.


If your not concerned about an extra 30$ buy two seats.  The seats are pretty small compared to the VIP buses in Thailand or back home.  And with me being a pretty big guy it would have been a really tough trip scrunched in a tiny seat.  KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FOR THE SECOND SEAT, the bus will stop from time to time and a bus company agent will come on looking for empty seats for more passengers.  I had to show my second ticket two or three times or they would have re sold the empty seat next to me.

Xtreme Rides in Cebu

Xtreme Rides I’m deathly afraid of heights, I’ve been to Vegas and refused to go on their “Edge” coaster, so not to be rude but if I wouldn’t go in Vegas with western construction and safety standards… Filipino safety standards, sorry I won’t be doing this any time soon.  But for those who are up for this, it is at the Crown Regency Cebu which is the tallest building in the city. Adrenaline junkies can go to the top floor where you can opt to join in the Xtreme Rides that literally puts you on the edge of the city, or you can walk around the edge of the building to experience this once in a lifetime experience. All of these you can enjoy for a small fee. 350p to get access to the top area and 500p to do the ride, the 350p also includes a sandwich and ice tea. Have fun.

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Angeles City Philipines

The Angeles City report is done, a short excerpt below.

  • Bunny Ranch
    A long narrow bar with the stage going the entire length of the bar can make for some space issues when crowded, but that is about the only negative thing about this bar. This is a very well know and popular bar and for good reason, the ladies on stage are great and the waitresses are even better. Exactly what I look for in a Angeles bar, beautiful women, fair drink prices and an atmosphere that fosters a good, wild time with mates. (Recommended)

    The Bunny Ranch Dancers

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Thailand Flooding

This is a Video of us trying to get out of Nakornratchasima Thailand during the current flood. My Visa was going to expire and we had been trying to get out for days, this was the last day I had to get out cause my visa was going to expire on this day. We went out thinking we were going to have to wade through the water for hours to meet our driver waiting for us on the other side of town. What we found was The Thais had organized a truck ferry back and froth trough the flooded area. Thanks to all the Truck drivers, Thai Army and the local Thai government who planned and organized all of it cause without the truck driving us we would have never been able to get out. It was well organized and planed, great job!!