Phonm Phen 2012 has change alot

I just got here for the 1st time after 10 years and man has it changed.  The main difference is all the cars now, before it was mostly scooters and bikes with the occasional NGO nob in a Toyota 4 runner.  Now traffic jams at all times of the day are the norm.  And you might say, cool, its about time that Khmer have some breaks and progress after the shit years of the 80’s and 90’s.  But I don’t think its all that it appears to be, cause if you look behind the new cars and roads and look really really closely you will see brand new 100k land rovers being driven by a police officer or a guy in a government uniform, how is a guy working for the Cambodian government driving around in a 100k land rover?  And its not just the rare sighting of one or two exotic rare expensive SUV’s  they’re everywhere, take a tuk tuk ride around town and you will see Land rovers, Lexus SUV’s, BMW’s Audi’s, Porsche’s and man do they ever look vulgar and out of place driving around the the dusty trash loaded back streets of Phnom Penh.


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