Cebu Over View


Cebuanos (as the residents are called) is the best part of Cebu they are a terrific group. Mellow, friendly, accommodating, talkative and hospitable, they will charm and entertain you to no end. Everyone here has time. Lots and lots of it.Cebu City is a city on Cebu Island in the Philippines. It is known as the Queen City of the South. It is one of the most popular destinations in all of the Philippines for foreign tourists. It has the largest sea port in the Philippines, the second largest Air hub and the second largest city in the country. It is the fastest growing large city in the nation with an annual growth of over 5% per year. Cebu is a booming metropolitan area with all the conveniences of a modern city. At the same time, it boasts of natural resources like countless white sand beaches (both commercial and untouched), as well as historical sites that reflect its cosmopolitan past, from the birth of Christianity in Asia, to early commercial trade with Mexico and China, to vestiges of the American colonization of the Philippines.I think of Cebu like this, if Angeles City is Pattaya, then Cebu would be Phuket.

Cebu City
Kawasan Falls, Cebu

Getting there

By Plane:
Mactan-Cebu International Airport;  This international and domestic airport is a modern alternative to the congested Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. There are numerous direct daily flights to and from Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and scheduled flights to Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Aside from this, the airport serves several seasonal charter flights to Russia, China, the United States, and other nations. Mactan Cebu International is also the main domestic hub outside Manila with a variety of flights around the Philippine archipelago such as Manila, Kalibo, Puerto Princesa, Boracay, Clark (just near Angeles City), Siargao (Surigao), Zamboanga, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Camiguin, General Santos, and Tacloban, among others. Passport control and baggage handling is fairly fast and efficient. Visitors from North America, Europe, Middle East, and the rest of the world may fly first to Singapore or Hong Kong or Seoul or Kuala Lumpur or Doha to catch a flight to Cebu. If you don’t mind braving the horrendous traffic and the cacophonic noise of Manila, you will get a faster connection to Cebu, for there are more than 20 flights daily between the two cities or almost two flights every hour. There are also flights to Cebu from Clark International airport, from which there are further flights on discount airlines to Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore and other points. For Philippine Visa information go hereGetting in/out – The airport is on Mactan Island in Lapu-Lapu city. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the actual city of Cebu. From the Airport you will need to hire a taxi. If you are staying at one of the nicer hotels they usually can send a free van to pick you up at airport. If you forgot to ask for this you may find that the van of your hotel is there to pick someone else up and you can hitch a ride if there is room. Facilities and amenities at the airport include a shopping center, duty-free shop, souvenir shops, cafés, business centers, food shops, communication facilities, banking facilities, car rentals, hotel and resort reservations, and beauty and health services.
By Boat:
Cebu City’s domestic port is the country’s busiest. Cebu City is home to almost 80 percent of the country’s passenger vessels. The country’s largest shipping lines, namely WG&A, Sulpicio Lines, Trans-Asia, George & Peter Lines and Lorenzo Shipping Lines, are headquartered in Cebu. 

Large passenger ferries with a capacity of 2,000 to 4,000 passengers ply the more distant routes such as Manila, Davao, Butuan City, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro. Medium-sized vessels such as the roll-on/roll-off (roro) types ply nearer destinations while fast ferries transport passengers to and from neighboring islands in two hours or less depending on the destination.

Getting Around once your here;
Jeepney Benz
Jeepney; To hop on a colorful Jeepney (small bus) is certainly the most affordable way to get around downtown. It is available 24 hours a day and it is the most famous mode of transportation in the country, which connects towns and cities together. Since Jeepneys tend to be overcrowded with passengers, tourists carrying bulky luggage should consider traveling by taxi.**If you ride these keep your cell phone in your pocket, jewelry to minimum, don’t flash any cash & watch for pickpockets sliding up close to you. Especially be aware around traffic lights when the Jeepney is at a stop.
Taxi;If you do not wish to give up western comforts take a taxi. Always insist on a metered fare. Most trips around the city should cost not much more than 100p (usually less).  Drivers however may bargain if they notice that you are a tourist, hence the cost of the trip may double in price. However, you have the option not to agree and may report such to local authorities.  If you know the name of the building, establishment, area or street you wish you reach, this is still the fastest way to get to your destination. Most drivers know where almost everything is. If they don’t, then simply flag down another one. If the driver is pleasant then it is nice to pay 10-20 pesos extra for nice service and a bit more if he loads or unloads your bags. Most drivers do not have, or will tell you they do not have change, so be ready with 50’s and 20’s if you are going on short trips. Avoid the “Private” taxis. They take advantage of tourists and they charge 5-10 times the price that should be paid. You will find these taxis at the some of the classy high class hotels, they are called Hotel taxis and are usually owned by the hotel to make extra money, they will charge you 500p for something that should cost 60p. Some hotels make it very hard for other taxis to pick you up at their hotel and you may need to walk outside to save money. Another place that uses private taxis is the airport. The arrivals terminal only allows taxis that have a special airport permit that costs thousands of pesos per month, but these taxis get to charge you a much higher price. If you want to avoid them simply ask a porter for help and ask for a metered taxi, you go up a ramp and there are a large number of metered taxis waiting for you. You can also make your way upstairs to departures where there are lots of metered taxis dropping off. Fare down town to Ayala or SM Malls should be around 150 pesos on the meter. You may be told “500” by the driver. Just grab the door handle and say “What, you don’t have a meter?“, Don’t travel unless the meter is used, this is illegal and you can report it to local officials.
Hiring a carHiring a car and driver with a major international company like Avis (tel: [63-32] 231-0941, 340-5954) at the airport is around P825 for three hours and then P225 for every hour thereafter. Self drive will set you back P2,700 per day including insurance. Petrol is P23 a liter. The car with driver option is highly recommended as Cebu’s chaotic streets and one-ways are not for the faint of heart. A car with driver is more expensive at a resort but your driver will be fairly knowledgeable and conversant in English. For drives to remoter spots on the island rates are higher.
Important Information;
Consulate information for CebuDue to the large expat population in Cebu there are a fair amount of consulates here.
Austrian Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

CRM Bldg.

Escario cor. Molave Sts., Lahug

Cebu City 6000


City: Cebu City

Phone: (+63) (32) 231 06 05

Fax: (+63) (32) 231 04 37

Office Hours: 08.00-17.00

Belgian Consulate in Cebu,Philippines

Dona Emilia Benedicto Building

7E Benedicto Street

6000 Cebu City

City: Cebu

Phone: + (63) (32) 255 32 00

+ (63) (32) 255 99 88 (Consul)

Fax: + (63) (32) 255 82 00


Belize Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

J.F. Causing Building

Suite 209B, Legaspi Street

City: Cebu City

Phone: (52)555-255-2904

Fax: (52)555-531-3821

British Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

Villa Terrace,

Greenhills Road, Casuntingan

City: Cebu City

Phone: (63) 32-346-0525

Fax: (63) 32-346-0269

Canadian Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

45-L Andres Abellana Street

Cebu City, Philippines, 6000

City: Cebu

Phone: (011 63 32) 256 3320

Fax: (011 63 32) 255 3068

Chinese Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu Fil-Chinese Volunteers Fire Brigade Building

Don Julio Llorente Street, Barangay Capitol Site

Cebu City 6000, Philippines

City: Cebu

Phone: 0063-32-2563455

Fax: 0063-32-2563499

Web Site:

Czech Consulate in Cebu, Philippines


Padilla Street 505 C, Cebu City


City: Cebu

Phone: +63 32 261 33 81

+63 32 261 33 82

Fax: +63 32 261 33 70

Danish Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

Suite 705 Keppel Center

Samar Loop Corner Cardinal Rosales Ave.

Cebu Business Park


City: Cebu

Phone: (32)233-1390, 233-1328

Fax: (32)233-1373

German Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

Ford’s Inn Hotel

A.S. Fortuna St. cor. Banilad Road


City: Cebu City

Phone: +63-32 – 236 13 18, Mobile(Globe): +63-927 536 20 44

Fax: +63-32 – 236 13 18

Web Site:http://


Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays 9 a.m. – 12 noon

Japanese Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

Keppel Center 7F, Cardinal Rosales Avenue

Cebu Business Park, Philippines

City: Cebu

Phone: +63-32-231-7321 / 2

Fax: +63-32-231-6843

Dutch Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

c/o METAPHIL, Inc. Metaphil Building

Tipolo, Mandaue City

City: Mandaue

Phone: +63 32-3461823

Norwegian Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

Suite 904, 9th Floor, Keppel Center,

Samar Loop cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue

City: Cebu

Phone: +63-32-233-1307

Fax: +63-32-233-1373

Web Site:

Office Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Visa) 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Consular)

Seychelles Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

27 Sanson Road, Lahug

City: Cebu

Phone: (+63-32) 2322988

Fax: (+63-32) 2313408

Thai Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

Eastern Shipping Lines Building

City: Cebu City

Phone: +63-32 412-1688

Fax: +63-32 93013

United States Consulate in Cebu City, Philippines

#1, G/F Water front Cebu City Hotel Bldg

City: Cebu City

Phone: +63-32 231-1261

Fax: +63-32 231-1267

Numbers to know;

Ambulance; (161)

Police; (166 )

Fire Service; (160)

Rescue; (117)


Cebu City Medical Center

Osmena Blvd., Cebu City

Tel. (63-32) 255-714`1

Cebu Doctors Hospital

Osmena Blvd., Cebu City

Tel. (63-32) 253-7511

Cebu Velez General Hospital

F. Raaamos St., Cebu City

Tel. (63-32) 253-1871

Chong Hua Hospital

Don Mariano Cui St.,Cebu City

Tel. (63-32) 254-1461

Lapu-Lapu District Hospital

Gun-ob, Laapu-Lapu City

Tel. (63-32) 340-0248

Mactan Community Hospital

Basak., Lapu-Lapu City

Tel. (63-32) 340-3721

Perpetual Succour Hospital

Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City

Trunkline: (63-32) 233-8620

PSH Care Mobile: (63917) 650-4065

Philippine National Red Cross

Tel. (63-32) 253-4611

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City

Tel. (63-32) 255-1591

Every time I come to the PI I’m shocked at how over priced and under value the accommodations are compared to the rest of S.E Asia. And Cebu is no different, if you want a decent place to stay and your used to the nice, inexpensive, clean rooms in Thailand (like I am) you will more then likely have to put out a lot more then what your use too.Most of the ago-go, beer bar action is located around Mango Ave, but since most of the guys are not coming here for that type of entertainment but mostly for the beach and diving we going to list hotel all over the general area. Cebu is kind of spread out not all clumped together like Manila, so our advise would be to find some great hotel on a sweet white sand beach and go into Mango when you feel like that kind of action for the night.


Alpa City Suites Hotel,

Hernan Cortes and F. Cabahug Streets (Ayala Access Road)

(+63-32) 238 1668 or 422 7171

Daily and monthly packages available. Best rates on official website start at PHP3,600.00

Mango Park HotelGeneral Maxilom Avenue,+63 (34) 412-7005/6This place has some mixed reviews, but I’ve actually stayed here for two nights. My main impression about this place is that it is old, and not in a historical, classic antique way, but in a run down, used, shit needs to be replaced way.  When a lady friend of mine and myself were getting into each other here one night, the bed was so old that I thought for sure it would break and it made so much noise that it was kind distracting…… not good. But I didn’t feel too cheated staying here because I got a really good price by contacting them directly.  Would I stay there again probably not, but the staff was very friendly and at the price I got it for, it was ok.  I would not pay the price listed on their website unless I knew that the rooms and accommodations were all renovated.

SDR Serviced ApartmentsMactan Island (3 minutes from the airport)phone +63-32-238-3929

fax +63-32-340-7902

All apartments have kitchen and cooking facilities. Smallest rooms are 36.5sqm. They have great deals for long term guests. Also have two bedroom loft apartments of 65.74 sqm. Include free high-speed cable internet, cable TV, DVD Player and a large refrigerator with freezer. From $35 for the studio

The Golden Peak Hotel and Suites, Gorordo Ave nr Escario Stphone: (63-32) 233-9770,fax: (63-32) 231-5611,

The staff was always very friendly. The restaurant had a nice breakfast buffet. They are in a good spot very central to Cebu. A quick 10 min walk or a 6p 3 min jitney ride and you are at Aylaya Mall.  I would stay there again if my budget allowed not extremely expensive but if your on a tight budget cheaper places can be found in the area.

Eddie’s Hotel F. Manalo Streetphone (63) 32 254-8570 to 76fax (63) 32 254-8578

This is a simple room in the Mid Town part of Cebu. The rooms are clean, there is cable TV, Good Air Conditioning, friendly staff, Hot Showers, and comfortable bed.(Recommended)

Edit: This place has been re-named to the Beverly Boutique Hotel. The new name kind of worries me (Boutique being a nice way of saying price increase) but we understand that it is the same owners so we will keep the “Recommended” until we hear other wise.

Park lane Hotel,Corner Archbishop Reyes Avenue and Escario Streetphone; (63)32 234 7000This place is definitely not cheap but for me it was worth it, has to be on of my favorite places to stay in Cebu.  I enjoy staying here because of the staff mainly they are very friendly and helpful, the gym (free) and a good breakfast buffet in the morning.  The rooms could be bigger and the price cheaper but I’ve never had any problems and always felt relaxed and at home here, for me that is worth a bit of coin.  I don’t stay here every time I come but if I feel like splurging then this is where I stay.  Can’t recommend this place because of the price, but if your not worried about that then give this place a try.

Cebuanos are very proud of their local cuisine and so they should be. Whether it is tender calamari frittos that simply melt in your mouth, a tasty lechon manok (charcoal grilled chicken), or a grilled tuna belly garnished with calamansi juice, you will be spoiled for choice with the array and assortment of culinary delights on offer.One of the great things about Cebu is that, even though its a laid back beach paradise, it’s also a has a part of it that is a modern city, with a good range of decent restaurants to choose from. Street-food is everywhere in Cebu and is amazingly cheap. You can buy all sorts of Philippine delicacies from the many street stalls scattered around Cebu City.

When it comes to food in Cebu one thing comes to mind for me and that is lechon baboy (roast pig). One of the best memories in my life had lechon baboy in it.  After a great day of diving four local ladies took us out to eat at this shack of a restaurant right on a white sand beach which served lechon baboy.  They brought plate after plate of it and we were washing it all down with ice cold San Miguel’s. We closed that place down late into the night just eating, drinking and have a great time, what a day.
A plate of Lechon Baboy, soooo good!!

If local cuisine is not your thing, no need to worry as the city has a wide range of pretty decent restaurants to choose from. And if your just looking for fast food all of them are here as well, McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s etc etc . Here are a few decent places to checkout;

Alberto’s Pizza,B. Rodriguez Ave.This is actually a pretty good locally made thin crust pizza.

phone 583-1110

mobile 09233753516

Flame It Burgers and Sausages,with several locations around Cebu it is a local fast-food chain with what might be the best tasting burger in the Philippines and it is found only in Cebu.  Have to try this place it’s great.
Burger JointF. Cabahug St. cor. Juan Luna Avenue(032) 233-9268The Burger Joint is the name of this place and even though it might only be a “Burger Joint” it could be one of the best food finds in Cebu. Homemade milkshakes and onion ring this tiny little shop is really something you will want to try.
Ginza,is a well known Japanese restaurant here in Cebu, serving sushi and sashimi.J. Panis Street(Old Banilad Road)Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Tel no.: (032) 231 4612

Giuseppe’sMaria Luisa Park Roadphone (63-32) 343-9901A more upscale Italian pizzeria and restaurant owned and operated by Giuseppe Genco. It is located at the entrance to the Maria Luisa Estate. Great food, not just pizza, their pasta here is amazing, a bit pricey but a great night of dinning with good wine and friends can be had here.
Abaca.Punta Engano Road, Lapu-lapu Cityphone 6332 495 3461fax 6332 495 1378

If you really want over the top exclusive dinning while here in Cebu, this is the place. Probably the best known high-end dinning in the area, a little over done, over priced and self impressed for my liking but if this is the type of place your looking for Abaca fits that bill, very well.

Stuff to do during the day;

Diving; Most guys come to Cebu for the reefs and coral, not all destroyed by dynamite fishing. The Cebu region is known to offer some of the best dives in this part of Asia. Serious divers will head to the balmy white-sand shores of two picturesque islands off the far north coast of Cebu, Malapascua and Bantayan.

Arial view of Malapascua Bantayan


Malapascua, known for its thresher sharks, has a reasonable selection of resorts and eateries. The islands are a three-hour drive north from Cebu City and a short ferry ride. Ferries from Maya to Malapascua take around 30 minutes while boats from Hagnaya to Bantayan take around an hour. For something quicker, the waters around Olango Island (which is visible from Mactan), in particular the protected Marine Sanctuary off Gilutongan Island, offer coral and fish closer at hand.

Here is some dive shop information;

Asia Divers (Cebu)Email:cebu@asiadivers.comPhone: (+63) 32 344-6819Tel/Fax: (+63) 32 344-6820

Address: Unit 22 Mercedes Commercial Center A.C.Cortez Avenue, Mandaue City

Kontiki DiversEmail info@kontikidivers.comPhone +63 32 495-2471Text +63 918 9044-146
Feel DeepEmail info@feeldeeper.comPhone +63 32 340-6223Mobile +63 919 743-8233

Address Yacht Club, Ibo, Lapu-Lapu City

Scotty’sPhone +(63 32) 231-0288Fax +(63 32) 231-5075Address Punta Engaño Road, Lapu-Lapu City
Pacfica Dive Center (Cebu)Email info@pacificadive.netPhone +63 32 236-6539Address Diamond Plaza, National Highway Mandaue
Cock Fighting, in the Philippines has been around for ever the photo above is from 1899.  If you are looking for more of a testosterone thrill, lazy Sunday afternoons in Cebu are given over to cockfights. Pay from P20-P200 entry. Fights start around lunchtime and continue till around midnight. Ask your concierge for details of your nearest cockfight to add some real Filipino flavor to your visit –not one for the kids, or vegetarians
Casinos now are all over the Philippines and Cebu has its fair share.  Most are government owned and regulated with a few privet owned casinos here and there.  I enjoy gambling so it is a nice change from the beach and diving to spend a nice relaxing day at the tables or poker machines. Pagcor is the government-owned and controlled corporationmandated to regulate casino gaming.

Waterfront Cebu Hotel & CasinoEmail wcch@waterfronthotels.netPhone +(63 32) 232-6888Fax +(63 32) 232-6880

Address Salinas Drive, Lahug

Casino Español de CebuEmail info@casinoespanol.phPhone +63 32 253 1260/4Fax +63 32 253 1265

Address 107-109 v. Ranudo Street

Lapu-Lapu Monument, Lapu-Lapu, Mactan Island. Lapu-Lapu was the dude that killed Ferdinand Magellan (Never even had a clue about this till I came here) when he landed on Mactan in 1521.  There is also a small marker to Magellan nearby.  Lapu-Lapu is a big time hero over here, wonder if he really looked like that?

Xtreme Rides I’m deathly afraid of heights, I’ve been to Vegas and refused to go on their “Edge” coaster, so not to be rude but if I wouldn’t go in Vegas with western construction and safety standards… Filipino safety standards, sorry I won’t be doing this any time soon.  But for those who are up for this, it is at the Crown Regency Cebu which is the tallest building in the city. Adrenaline junkies can go to the top floor where you can opt to join in the Xtreme Rides that literally puts you on the edge of the city, or you can walk around the edge of the building to experience this once in a lifetime experience. All of these you can enjoy for a small fee. 350p to get access to the top area and 500p to do the ride, the 350p also includes a sandwich and ice tea. Have fun.

During the Night;

One of the things that you will notice while out and about here is the huge number of Koreans, this is the new hot spot for that country to vaca in.  Kind of like how Hawaii is for the Japanese.  So be prepared for some Korean style bars and karaoke clubs all over the place, some will welcome you in while others will not be as accommodating to westerners which I think totally suck.  In those latter cases I just walk in plant myself down at these bars and order a drink, fuck em if they don’t like it ;).  I hate this kind of no westerners allowed shit.
Cebu is more about the beach, sun and diving then the beerbar/agogo scene, it is here for sure but much less compared to Angeles City.  And have to say that the ladies working here in the agogo are pretty bad, have to go to a lot of places to find any that are even remotely attractive.  If you want my advise and looking for the ladies I would hit the clubs and bars, even though the working ladies aren’t the best here, the local women are fine as hell!  Go to any Club, disco or bar (outside of the ago go section) and you will find tons of very attractive, friendly and talkative ladies more then willing to keep you company.If your still into the doing the beach and then getting crazy at an ago go, it is here and we’ll go into that as well, they call them “bikini bars” here.
  • Jazz n BluzVery mellow and laid back bar to just chill, drink and listen to some great live music. This bar could be a class place in any city anywhere in the world. Normally you have two groups perform a night with some special acts from time to time.OpenTuesday – Saturday 6:00PM-2:00AM

    Sunday Monday 6:00PM~1:00AM

    Cover Charge

    Sunday – Thursday: 100pesos

    Friday-Saturday: 150pesos

    Band starts around 8:45PM

    Location 27F Cabahug Street,Ayala Access Road

    phone (6332)232-2698

    fax (6332)231-4373


  • Sinners and Saints This little restaurant, bar combo is very cool. The food is good but the bar and band is the reason to go here.  The band plays contemporary blues, jazz and mellow pop, go on a Wednesday as it was wall to wall hot pinoys when we were there.OpenMonday – Saturday 7:30PM-2:00AM

    Speical Nights

    Wednesday is Ladies night, all ladies get one free round of drinks.

    Location Banilad

    phone (6332)234-0317

    fax (6332)234-0319

  • NasaDisco club is one of the best known dance clubs in Cebu, with a live Dj playing techno and trance as well as remixed pop favorites.  The food here is good as well, with a great Tex-Mex menu and their specialty pica-pica.OpenMonday – Thursday 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM

    Friday – Saturday 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM

    Location A.S.Fortuna St.,Bakilid

    phone 63 32 343-8856

    fax 63 32 343-8857

Sunflower Disco on Salinas Drive is the biggest disco in Cebu. This place can get packed on the weekends so expect some elbow room issues. They have a live band and Dj that plays remixed dance and pop. This place is loud as hell, hard to talk and kind of expensive. I don’t like going here to meet Cebu ladies, this is the place that you go to after you’ve hooked up and ask “where should we go now?”OpenMonday – Thursday 8:00 PM to 2:00 AMFriday – Saturday 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM

Spiecal Nights

Dance contest on Thursdays

Location Salinas Drive

Crossroads ComplexeThis place has a bunch of small clubs such as Vudu (house & techno music) and Cafe Teatro which also has a DJ on most nights playing remixed hits from the 70’s, 80’s.  With as many small intimate clubs that are here your bound to find one that is to your music and food liking.
Bikini BarsLets face it you go Angeles City for one reason, you come to Cebu for completely different ones, Cebu has a huge number of tourist for diving, water and beach so as stated before, Cebu is not know for its ago-go and beer bar scene, but it is here.  It is very spread out, and much more low key then places like Angeles City.  The tax drivers in Cebu aren’t too bad, so I would use them to get around from place to place, plus most of these guys know exactly where all the ago-go/Bikini bars are.The working ladies here are not the best looking group I’ve ever seen (the girls in the Bikini bars only cause the “normal” Cebu ladies are fine as hell), they all look a bit older and a bit….. over feed?  Maybe it is because of the small amount of dudes using these bars and all the really nice looking girls go to Angeles City or Manila?  You also have to pay everything up front here in Cebu, bar-fine, ladies cut, everything is paid in advance but it is all inclusive, if you work with a figure of 1,500 or there about you should be fine, don’t pay too much more then that.  A tip at the end of the day is good too, hey these ladies work hard for their money.
  • BG’s BarRight in the middle of it all, in the center of Mango Ave across from Love City.  This place has seen better days, once a main stay of the Mango Ave bikini bar scene is now better know as has been.  I noticed the sleaze factor is way up in this place with open sex acts right in the middle of the bar (not a show but ladies doing the customer right there in the bar), not a bad thing, I mean come on why are we here, but with all the negative issues the high sleaze factor is not enough to visit again.
    • Blue Angel.  A new bar located on Escario Street near the Capitol building. Across from the Cebu Pension Plaza near McDonalds. The club is pretty small with about 20 or so girls working at any given time.  This is a pretty mellow, laid back bar with a stage running down the center.  Normally there are 3 to 5 girls dancing with the rest just hanging out or with a customer.  You can ask any of the girls dancing or not to come and sit with you for a ladies drink, about 200p.  If all goes well and you want to bar fine them out it will run about 1700p.  The club also has a large screen TV to watch your favorite match and a pool table to chill the hours away.  Over all this is the laid back type of bikini bar that I enjoy, more of a place to hang then the in your face, buy me drink, buy me drink type of place.

  • Club FH (Firehouse)Located just off of Jones Avenue in a little ally it can be hard to find and that might not be such a bad thing.  The bar isn’t dangerous or anything as the outside is very well lit, they even have an outdoor pool table.  Its just that there really isn’t much to the bar, the interior is ok, the girls are ok but that’s about it, no music not much going on really, I would move on to the next one.
  • Club Star A real hole in the wall type of place, a place you might go to have a drink or two.  The music was good but not much else going on, the girls were old, all of them, but friendly, guess you have to be working as a bargirl at their age.  Club Star is located behind the Love City and Papillion Complex and can be hard to find.
  • Club Temtation#433 D. Jacosalem St., Corner Mango Avenue,Cebu City 6000Philippines


    For me I like it when bars like this have a website and contact information, means imho that they care about providing a good service.  Ok so this place is the real deal, a very nice, clean, well managed Cebu bikini bar with decent looking ladies to entertain you while your there and bar fine out if you feel the need.  Every time I’ve been there, there has been about 40 or 50 ladies working and some of them are very cute.  The club itself is fairly large with two rooms, the main room with good lighting and comfortable seating and the back room with a couple of pool tables.  The girls here are some of the best in Cebu but the prices are surprisingly agreeable, only 1700p for a bar fine and lady drinks are only 150p.  I would recommend this club for a good time with mates for sure.

  • Eric the Red One more located on Mango Ave it is also owned by the same group that owns the Viking, Midnight Sun and BG’s bikini bar, this is one of the better clubs in Cebu and worth a look for sure.  The club has some decent looking women.
  • Lone Star Saloon on Mango Ave in Cebu City is a great little bar, not much to look at when you see it from the outside but inside the place has a great atmosphere and is a fun place to hang.  The girls are better then average for Cebu with some real hotties in the mix, will have to come early for them though as they usually get picked up pretty fast.  Drinks are cheap, bar fines are reasonable, 1750p and there is an upstairs to take care of things is you don’t want to go back to your hotel.  Lone Star Saloon is worth a look.
    • Silver Dollar BarMango Ave Cubu CityWebsite;

      This is the kind of bar that I think of when I think of ago go bars in Asia.  A lot of new bars are going the Asian bar route, the lounge with sofas, karaoke rooms, choreographed dance routines and such.  For me I like a bar with bar stools, a ton of good looking girls in skimpy outfits (not evening gowns ;rolling eyes) good ice cold beer and a sweet sexy thing dancing on a pole, but hey that’s just me.  If your into the same then this is the bar for you.  The one down side to this bar (or it would be perfect) is that the girls can be a bit aggressive, other then that great place, cheap cold beer and girls dancing on a pole, what else do you want in an ago go bar?

    • Stripes Bar This tiny little bar located at Escario Street near Capital Cebu City is a great little fun bar.  The whole place has a great friendly atmosphere.  The girls are anything but amazingly beautiful but they are fun, non pushy and friendly, that goes a long way to make a good bar great.  The staff also should be pointed out as extremely friendly and helpful, right there asking if you needed anything without being pushy.  Can’t say enough about this place, I go to these places to have fun and this place was exactly that, just fun as hell.

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