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4am in Phnom Penh

Its 4am in Phnom Penh been out all night, just sent the cutie I was drinking with home in a tuk tuk and I’m freaking starving.  So where do you go at 4am in Phnom Penh to grab something to eat?  Well, one answer is Nagaworld hotel and casino 😉 open all night with free […]

A really stupid balot bet

During a discussion with my friend I bet him he wouldn’t eat a balot……… Let me rephrase that. During a discussion with my “FILIPINO” friend I bet him he wouldn’t eat a balot. The next day he sent me this video…… not the smartest bet I’ve ever made.

The Infamous Balot

The Philippine page is done, below you will see a snip it from the page.  Check out the entire Philippine page. The infamous balot Have I ever eaten one, no will I ever eat one, no. I just can’t get past the embryo, crunchy bone and feathers, sorry. But for those who are interested here […]

Cambodia page done

The Cambodia page is done, it has general information about visa’s, food, currency, and health issues while in Cambodia. Now working on the Siem Reap page so that should be up soon. Thanks for all your patience and will post as the pages get done. Thanks all.

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