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Be Smart and Pick your Fights

Be smart and pick your fights when traveling in Asia; Just got done reading a blog about a guy in Phnom Penh Cambodia who is crying about a bar called sharky’s. In the post he is upset about having to pay .75 cents for three games of pool while at the bar and refused to […]

Travel Into the Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness bar in Phnom Penh Cambodia is an icon here like the FCC, two must go places.  When I traveled here last 10 years ago HoD (Heart of Darkness) used to be a hangout for backpackers, ngo idiots and a handful of Khmers out parting.  The bar really kind of sucked, the […]

Phnom Penh, where have all the Vietnamese ladies gone?

1st time back after 10 years and I remember there used to be a ton of Vietnamese ladies running around all over the place.  They were very cute and sexy and I had spent many hours in the Heart of darkness bar, drinking an Angkor and playing bar games with them.  Now there are only […]

Phonm Phen 2012 has change alot

I just got here for the 1st time after 10 years and man has it changed.  The main difference is all the cars now, before it was mostly scooters and bikes with the occasional NGO nob in a Toyota 4 runner.  Now traffic jams at all times of the day are the norm.  And you […]

FCC Phnom Penh

FCC Phnom Penh. The View from the FCC Phnom Penh restaurant balcony, having breakfast while  over looking Sisowath Quay Rd and the river side.  Great way to start your day.

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