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Quick Travel Tips for Thailand

Quick Travel Tips for Thailand Living in Thailand for years now has made me aware of one thing, Thailand is one of the safest places for tourist to go in the world.  No joke, no hype, Thailand is a totally mellow place to hang, but……. as with any country there are things you should watch […]

Be Smart and Pick your Fights

Be smart and pick your fights when traveling in Asia; Just got done reading a blog about a guy in Phnom Penh Cambodia who is crying about a bar called sharky’s. In the post he is upset about having to pay .75 cents for three games of pool while at the bar and refused to […]

Travel tip: Money in Burma or Myanmar

RANGOON; Money in Burma Going to Burma is still way off the beaten path, extreme trekking even, so here are a few things you should know about the money situation before crossing the boarder.  Oh and Kyiats is the official currency of Burma. The most commonly accepted form of foreign currency is the US$ in […]

Cambodia Travel Report Excerpt (Health)

All visitors to Cambodia should have up to date inoculations as recommended by their doctors.  Visitors should take preventive measures against mosquitoes as in any tropical country, especially at dusk. Health insurance, especially medical evacuation cover is recommended as international standard health care is minimal, especially in rural areas. Although Cambodia is not a Malaria […]

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