Phnom Penh, where have all the Vietnamese ladies gone?

1st time back after 10 years and I remember there used to be a ton of Vietnamese ladies running around all over the place.  They were very cute and sexy and I had spent many hours in the Heart of darkness bar, drinking an Angkor and playing bar games with them.  Now there are only some very hard looking and well lets say seasoned vets at the bars.  When I asked around I was told that there was some kind of visa immunity thing that happened and most of the Viets went back home.  Sigh….. ah the memories.

Thai or Filipino Women

There has been a heated debate here about which ladies are better Thai or Filipino.  Comparing Thai to Filipino women, it is really subjective as to which are the better looking (and that’s all we’re talking about is just looks, shallow I know).  IMHO, The Thais have it, I think the best looking Filipino would only be an average Thai.  I think the average Thai is in much better shape and the Filipinos seem to be a bit shorter, heavier and not as toned.  But that’s just me, tell us what you think and take the poll on the left hand sidebar.

Angeles City Philipines

The Angeles City report is done, a short excerpt below.

  • Bunny Ranch
    A long narrow bar with the stage going the entire length of the bar can make for some space issues when crowded, but that is about the only negative thing about this bar. This is a very well know and popular bar and for good reason, the ladies on stage are great and the waitresses are even better. Exactly what I look for in a Angeles bar, beautiful women, fair drink prices and an atmosphere that fosters a good, wild time with mates. (Recommended)

    The Bunny Ranch Dancers

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