Poipet – worst boarder crossing ever

Poipet worst boarder crossing ever


Poipet has to be the worst experience I’ve had doing a land crossing in Thailand bar none.  There were so many things that were unpleasant about crossing here I don’t even know where to start.  From the Thai side to the Cambodian immigration seems like a mile, don’t know if its really that far but its a ways.  Then when you get there there is only one or two windows open, you que up outside, there is no AC, might not seem like a big deal but in the heat of a SE Asian summer it will be miserable.  When I went I waited in line for over an hour in 100 degree heat, I was soaked with sweat from head to toe.  I’ve heard of people waiting for three hours in this line I can’t even imagine that.  Oh and while your inline a guy will come up and say he can get your visa for you (VIP Visa, there is no such thing, might be tempted but are you really willing to hand your passport over to a crook?) for an extra 20$ under the table.  It almost seems like it is all set up to make you pay the extra 20$ cause it is just such a miserable experience.

Coming back to Thailand is fine, once you’ve walked the mile back to the Thai immigration office, at least it was inside with AC.  The whole place just seemed like one big scam pit, from the distance you had to walk, which by the way is where the casinos are.  maybe that’s the reason for the distance, since its the only place the casinos can be built, the further the distance the more or bigger casinos can be built?  The place was just bad, unpleasant, scams, touts, crooks, casinos, dirt, heat it just sucked.

Oh one major scam I want to warn you guys about is;

–Touts will harass you and tell you that you have to get a visa prior to going to Cambodia, NOT TRUE, you can walk yourself and your passport to the Cambodian side of the border and get a tourist visa for 20$ US.–

I normally use the Chong Jum / O smach crossing, it is a dream compared to Poipet, no touts, no scams and takes no more then 20 minuets even on busy days.  I will never go back to Poipet and will use Chong Jum from here on out.  One more time, Poipet worst boarder crossing ever.

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  1. Poipet is hell on earth, might sound a bit dramatic but it took me 5 hours to get through the Cambodian side what a nightmare. The two governments should work on cleaning this place up, not a good face to put on your country when visitors first arrive. And to be fair, the Thai side is really ok, but the Cambodian side, come on guys you can do better.

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