Quick Travel Tips for Thailand

Sexy Asian WomanQuick Travel Tips for Thailand

Living in Thailand for years now has made me aware of one thing, Thailand is one of the safest places for tourist to go in the world.  No joke, no hype, Thailand is a totally mellow place to hang, but……. as with any country there are things you should watch out for.

1.  Don’t drink the tap water, always drink bottled water.  If your in a restaurant and ask for water 9 out of 10 times they will bring you bottled water, if they don’t, ask for it.  Drinking the water includes ice cubes, ask for cold water, “nam yen” and avoid the ice cubes.

2.  Show respect for the royal family, the Thai’s hold the royal family in high esteem and to show disrespect is a criminal offense and they do prosecute.  Doesn’t matter if you understand it, condone it or anything else, their country their culture their rules.

3.  Drugs are not cool here, they have zero tolerance for dealers or users.  If you get caught with drugs in Thailand your fucked, period.

4.  Careful with the bar honey you just bought out.  A big percentage of the scams and ripoffs have to do with our cuties from the bars.  Come here and have fun, party and get laid but don’t be fooled the bargirl is working and she will empty you in more ways then one given half the chance.  As I always say just be smart, pay attention to your surroundings and if your alone don’t get sloppy drunk.

5.  This one is from experience as I lived in Phuket.  If you see the sea reseeding, the water disappearing, run, go to higher ground.

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